Friday, April 30

Friday's Find

This week, a little something to take my mind off the fact that I have to work all weekend. At least work will be interesting. Lots of stuff to move around.

But here's a little number that is for laying around. I should have pressed it before taking pics, I know, but sometimes one doesn't think of these things until later. It's also hard to get something this long into one shot when you can only stand 3 feet away. I'm learning.

As a rule, I do not buy underclothes second hand. Yuck. But lingerie is a different story. This is a vintage, handmade Yellow Nightie and Bed jacket. I say Handmade, because with close observation, one can see the care that was taken. But It's certainly not homemade. All the seams are finished beautifully. No, someone once bought this at a store. Maybe for a special night in? The bust is not really that wrinkly. It's deliberately crinkly with extra fullness that is soft and feminine.

Here's a back view of the top, which somehow looks orange, despite my tweaking it on photoshop. If I've leaned anything from this piece, it's how brilliant that little cross-over of the straps is. It has give and coverage at the same time. And check out that curved seam. Fit, people!

Finally, I somehow lost the pic of the whole jacket (typical)- but here's the amazing close-up of the jacket sleeve.
I only hope that someday I can run a zig-zag seam that cleanly. Gorgeous! Ladies back whenever this was made sure knew how to relax in Style!

The stats:
Found: Once again, my local Goodwill
Cost: $3.99
Modifications: None, but I should probably press it before I wear it. Or maybe just to soothe my mind.

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