Friday, May 7

Friday's Find

It's Friday!
Thank the Lord.

And, I have the day off tomorrow! So, I will be going thrifting for a dress for me to wear to the Other Elisabeth's wedding. I'm thinking something black and vintage to go with an awesome hat I want to wear. I also have another wedding the day before, so if I happen to find 2 dresses...

Today, Skirts! These are all from the light brown section of my closet. And they are all from my local Goodwill, once again. And they all cost 3-4 dollars.

This simple Khaki skirt is shown from the back. It's Plain. It's Basic. It can go anywhere.

I love this springy flowery, ruffled one. It goes with orange and yellow and brown and cream and khaki... It's like a skirt of many colors. Colors I wear a lot. I wear it in the winter with orange and brown sweaters. I wear it in the summer with tank tops. It even matches my hat.

And finally, this pretty Prairie skirt. I got it this winter, and I've been waiting to wear it. It's got layers of that soft, crinkly cotton that is my favorite. If the blasted wind will die down to oh, 20mph or so, I may even wear it when I go out shopping tomorrow.

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