Monday, April 26

A little bragging

So, yesterday I wore this dress to church.

And I totally got at least seven compliments on it. Not that I was counting. Not bad for four bucks.

I love pretty dresses. Who'd have ever thought?

I went shopping with my Mom last week, and got 4 new work shirts. I know, I'm addicted. 

And in other news, my bizarre urge to make Tudor bodices is rip-roaring. Despite the fact that I made one for the other Elisabeth's Bridal shower last weekend. So I found a local Renaissance shoppe that will totally sell my stuff on consignment. Mwa-ha-ha!

I wish there was more time in the day to make stuff! Perhaps I should get an Etsy site? Then I could make a profit on stuff, instead of cluttering up my house with bodices and bags and bell bottoms.
On that alliterative note, I gotta get ready for work.

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