Thursday, April 22

New Shoes

I have had an ethical dillema this week.
You see, you just can't get good shoes second hand. You can get cute shoes. If you wear a 6 1/2, there's a pair of black Steve Madden Patent leather pumps at my local Goodwill right now. Pristine.

But, I cannot get the shoes I need second hand. I not only wear a 9 1/2, I have back and foot problems and a really high arch, and I work on my feet all day. I need not just comfortable shoes, I need really good shoes. Last year I found a fantastic pair on clearance and I have loved them all year. Every day at work. On my feet. And they are not nearly as lovable as they once were. In fact, they are downright painful!

Hence my ethical dilemma. What do you do if you are a green- clothes blogger and you need new shoes?!? Buy good shoes and lie about it? Suffer through uncomfortable shoes? Fortunately, neither.

I got a fantastic new pair at the place I never go- Walmart. (To be specific, my mom got them for me. Thanks, Mama.)  They are super comfy, have lovely arches and flexible soles, and get this- They're recycled. At least partly.

They're the Danskin NOW Lynne Sneaker, and they have a spiffy little tag explaining which parts are recycled. The lining fabric is 100% recycled, and the sole is up to 70% recycled, a lot of it from plastic bottles. They're brown, which I like because they won't look dirty. And they look groovy with Bell-bottoms.

Ethical dilemma solved. Sore feet solved. Now if I could just get someone to pay me for my shameless plug of their merchandise.

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