Wednesday, April 14

If the Slip Fits

Ahh phone service. Nice to have you back again.

So this week I have noticed something: the invention of stretchy fabrics has destroyed the understanding of Fit.

Hear me out.

I got A new Black slip a couple weeks ago when I was Thrifting with the other Elisabeth. And this Sunday, I wore it under the new black dress. And here's the thing I didn't realize in the dressing room:
This simple nylon slip has the most exquisite tailoring. Gathers! Tucks! Curved seams! It was so pretty I wanted to just wear it. But that is not my kind of exhibitionism. So I put on the dress, too. But I did point out the details to Adam, who murmured appreciatively.

And I got to thinking that none of my "new" slips have that kind of attention to detail. They are just made of spandex and that covers it.

I've always loved vintage and even antique clothes and patterns, partly because of the loving attention to detail. But I suddenly realized that it was more than just careful technique for technique sake. Their fabric didn't stretch. (!) They had to craft perfect pieces, pleats, and tucks to get the fit right. No wonder proper corsets are so hard to make!

But I've also realized this: stuff that fits without stretching is hard to make, but It looks so amazing on! I mean, that's the thing about good jeans, right? they Fit. and we all love that.

I'm not going to give up my t-shirts or anything, but This new idea of clothes that fit is intriguing.

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