Wednesday, April 28


This week I am inspired.

I'm inspired by so many wonderful blogs and sites. I'm also Tired, which not only rhymes with inspired, but it explains why I have been reading other people's stuff instead of writing my own. I feel guilty, but not that much. After all, I am tired because I am working hard! I am discovering that one of the main things I value is free time.

But today is my day off. Not only have I spent more than an hour reading some of the Fabulous, inspirational blogs and sites which I have linked in the sidebar for your convenience, but I now intend to go do some sewing! I am almost finished with the denim bag I've been making, and I have at least four other bag ideas to work on. I have got to stop getting inspired and actually Do something, or the pile of WIP (That's works-in-progress for you newbs) Will take over my sewing room!

But first, I must do three things:
1. Start some laundry. I am seriously running out of clean undies.
2. Clean the sewing room so I can get something accomplished in there.
3. Fix my hair in pin-curls. I have been thinking about curls all week, and now that I discovered Super Kawaii Mama's site, I have been pushed over the edge. Must. Curl. Hair.

The last time I tried pin curls I was in High school and I did something terribly, terribly wrong. I looked like a teased fright wig  that got surprised. I washed it out instantly. No evidence survives, thank God. So I am going to check out how Super Kawaii Mama does it, because she not only has awesome hair, she has tutorials.

After that, I am going to get some serious sewing done and make room in my brain for some new inspirations! I may even, at some point, get dressed. But don't hold your breath.

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