Friday, April 2

Friday's Find

I am a bad blogger. I apologize. It won't happen again. Really, I will post next week everyday. But for now, them most Eastery thing I can find. The springlike weather here is delightful, and If I don't get my Easter dress finished, I may just wear this on Sunday. I haven't worn it since my friend Rachel's wedding. Which was at least 5 years ago. But a dress like this you don't wear everyday!

This is a Lime green vintage dress,lace over taffeta, probably early 60's. It's pretty tiny, as many vintage gowns are. But what was not tiny about it was that bow. It was at least twice that big when I got the dress. Even for my flamboyant taste, It was too much poofy bow. So, I did what I never do and chopped up a vintage gown. I took off the bow, cut out most of the middle of the fabric, sewed the ends back together, and made it into a smaller bow. Then I took the leftovers and made a pillbox hat, which Rachel's grandma said fondly reminded her of Jackie O. (Sidenote- she was not the only person to ever wear pillbox hats, people! Everyone was wearing them.) And I still have a hunk of fabric leftover.
The stats for this are approximate, as I bought this dress, oh, before I was married sometime. Pre-historical, in other words.

Found at: ARC, Denver, CO
Cost: $6.99
Modifications: Downsized that bow.

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