Tuesday, March 23

The Rules in Practice

So, last week when Elisabeth came over with The Dress, it took like five minutes to fit it, measure her, and record the Befores. Then she said that she thought we should go to Goodwill. You know, to get material for the Blog. And we did, of course.

Off we went, and we just made a quick trip. Only an hour or so. Which for us, is more than enough Time. (Rule One.) And I documented it. For the Blog.

Here is Elisabeth demonstrating Rule Two: Touch everything. (Well, she is at least being a good sport and cheating out while she does it.)

Here is our combined cart full of stuff showing off Rule 3: Take It. We took it!

After that, we went into the dressing room, and all details of Rule Four just between us. I will say that neither of us got stuck in anything. But we laughed a lot anyway. Then, I took a picture of out sorted piles. It was a good haul that day, so we took the sternest possible take on Rule Five: Thin it out.

The yeses are on the left, the Nos on the right, and down at the bottom, the maybes. We sorted as we went. As you can see, the Nos are the biggest pile. Yes, I did try on that fuschia MuMu. Yes, she is a very good friend. I ended up getting a sweet black dress and a black slip to go with it. And a T-shirt. As we did the final sort, Elisabeth commented that, "The Maybes are Maybes for a reason." And she stowed them with the Nos on the put-back rack.

Once again, the Rules paid off (Yes, we talk about the Rules while we shop. We are Thrift-a-nistas. And slight Nerds.) We left with our new clothes and went off about town to look at wedding Items. A good day.

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