Friday, March 12

Friday's Find

A beautiful Vintage 50's beaded Cardigan by Lilly Koo. Tan colored with iridescent brown beads. The tag says it's hand beaded in Hong Kong. There's no content label, but it feels like a wool blend and is fully lined. (I'm not sure whether the lining is Silk or synthetic.) It has hidden hook and eye closures up the whole front. I've got to be honest, this is literally the one thing in my closet I haven't worn. But it's just so fantastic I can't get rid of it. Someday, I will find an outfit that goes with it, and then I will be so glad I have it!

The stats:
Found at: Goodwill, Hutchinson KS
Cost: unsure, but less than $5
Considering I found a powder blue version on-line for $85, it's a Fabulous steal any way you look at it!

1 comment:

  1. I'd wear it with jeans, a tank top, some killer boots (red or something not matchy-matchy) and a vintage alligator bag (the kind with the alligator head attached!)