Monday, March 22

Big Plans

This is it, folks. The dress. Sort of.
So Elisabeth is getting hitched (8 Weeks from today! Yay!), and has been searching for a dress, as most Brides do. She checked out one of the major bridal chains, and found a dress she loved, but it was PRICEY. She checked out some fantastic vintage gowns on line (links sent by yours truly, of course). Nothing was clicking.

So, she called me one day, wondering whether I could alter her old white prom dress enough to make it look like the one she loved. Of COURSE! Here she is modeling said prom dress as a "before" shot. Now I'm going to chop it up, let it out, cover it with something white, and before you know it, I'll be showing off the finished product!

What could be more stylishly recycled than Using "Something Old" to make Something New?!

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