Monday, March 15

My Favorite Clothes

This is my new favorite outfit. I really wanted to do a post just about my bell-bottoms, but the other day, Adam was taking the pics for me, and they look so good! It was raining, so my hair looks awesome, too. The jeans will just have to wait for next week.

You may have noticed, I am a comfort-based dresser. But even more than that, I have some sort of weird inner compulsion that tells me what to wear each day. Maybe it's a holdover from all my years doing plays- like I have to have the right costume for that day's Character or something. Sometimes I just "feel Yellow" or I "need a sweater". And if it's too hot, or too cold, or one of the things I need is in the wash, I can totally freak out and spend hours trying to figure out what to wear. (Ask Adam. He's been witness.)

And the sheer volume of clothes I have doesn't help, it gives me too many choices! I've even had bad dreams about sifting through mountains of clothes all night, and every time I find a piece of one outfit, I'm missing the one I had, and I have to start all over putting together an outfit. This dream is based firmly in the reality of "Where are my tights, oh my gosh where is my Sweater!" Sunday mornings. (I may need therapy.)

So I love an outfit I can put on any time, and it "feels right." And right now, this is it. It's comfy, but also so "me".
The top is lightweight cotton jersey- a t-shirt with style.$2.99
Underneath is a nude-tone cami by Express- I scored camis in several colors last fall and I wear one every day. No more cold back! $0.99
And of course, the bell-bottoms. The jeans were $3.49 (I think), and I added the bells from some of Adam's old jeans.
All pieces are from my local Goodwill.
It's a can't miss outfit that feels right no matter what.
Does anyone else share this compulsion? Or do you just have a favorite outfit you want to share?

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  1. Elisabeth, I love your blog! I think that one reason these are your favorite clothes is because you made them yourself. It was one of your earliest sentences, "Can I do it myself?" Your bell bottom jeans are your own creation and every time I see you in them I remember how much I love your creative mind and the love you put into everything you do.

    Your mama