Monday, March 1

Start at the Beginning

Almost every day someone says to me, "Nice blouse!" To which I nearly always reply, "Thanks, Goodwill!"
This is not to wish them a good day. It is the name of the place I got it. When I say this, they always say, "Really?!?" The tone of the "really" varies form impressed to incredulous to a subtle, secret, "I wish I could find nice stuff there."
Regardless, I end up wishing I could share the secrets of sustainable shopping with almost everyone I meet. There is something so satisfying about the hunt for really fabulous, unique, and quality clothes at a fraction of the price. Such a thrill when you find something so right. Vintage, retro, and brand-new-with-the-tags-on, all are there, if I'm willing to look.
My obsession with thrifting started as an expression of my need not to wear anything that someone else was wearing, but it became so much more. Starting with my organic garden and moving right down the line, I developed a desire to have a better, cleaner, "greener" life. Everyone wants to go green these days, but few really succeed in using less. What better way to have a smaller impact and be utterly fabulous at the same time than buying and wearing used? And my closet didn't have to shrink at all!
So, here it is for the world to share: the Rules, the Triumphs, the Fabulousness of Recycling with Style.

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  1. LOVE your writing! It's quirky and fun and so helpful! We, too, shop for almost EVERYTHING either from thrift stores, garage sales, hand-me-downs, etc. :) It's part of how we can handle caring for this many kids! :) Good to "hear" we're not the only ones who consider this "green" and a worthy pursuit! Look forward to hearing more from you!