Monday, May 10

A major week has begun.
The Other Elisabeth, along with several other lovely ladies I know are(Is?) graduating on Saturday. From College. Geez, I'm getting old. And On Sunday I have a wedding. And ONE WEEK FROM TODAY Elisabeth Is getting hitched. And then We'll be related. Sort of.
She'll be my adopted-second-cousin-in-law-in-law. We're excited.
But, Getting hitched comes with lots of things to do! Even For me. Even though, sadly, she went ahead and bought a dress on line, so I do not get to make her wedding dress, I still have plenty on my mind.

Saturday, I went thrifting and got two amazing dresses.
One is black vintage 60's, and the other is Sparkly Purple and very new. I was all set to wear the vintage, even though it is too big and needs altering, because I have an awesome hat to wear with it. But the purple one is so cute! And requires so much less work!

I was reading this week about the moments that define our lives and I think for me, all those moments are shaped by what I was wearing. Graduation dresses. Play costumes. Date clothes. Bridesmaid dresses. Wedding dress. The fantastic outfits I come up with to wear to plays I've directed.

All the really big moments are fixed in my mind by what I was wearing. On my first date with Adam, I wore a yellow button-up blouse and vintage jeans with yellow stitching that I rolled up. He wore an Orange t-shirt tucked into his jeans, which I really admired. I didn't know any other guys that tucked their shirts in. I commented on it, and he laughed and said that his dad always told him if he wanted to meet the right kind of girl he better tuck in his shirt. We still joke about that, because it was so true! That tucked-in shirt set him apart. I still have the jeans I wore, but they're in a costume box for now. I don't think I could ever let go of them. That night was special.

So I've realised that part of the dress dilemma for me is, that this is a big day. I'm going to remember it for a long time. And there will be pictures. Do I want to continue the tradition of fabulous vintage hats and dresses I've worn to other friends' weddings, or do I step out in a dress just because I look pretty in it and it's her favorite color? This choice will echo in my mind for decades.

Either way I think I need new shoes.

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