Monday, August 9


Yesterday I went to Goodwill with my sis for the first time in, Oh, ages. We were just hanging out and, as usually happens, we wound up out looking for bargains. She was getting ready for the new work and school year, and needed a couple things to spruce up her wardrobe. I was just along for the ride.
And she found some great stuff!  While we were there we had a conversation about how no matter what style you are, you can find it second hand. Of course, I love anything retro and relaxed, but she has a much more crisp, tailored style. If she sends me pics I will post them, but she got a darling new black pencil skirt with lace detailing that fit so perfectly! I would not even try on a pencil skirt, but to her, they are indispensable. Even out shopping, she wore a cute outfit of kelly green tank and tailored navy capris. I wore my trusty bell-bottoms and a brown T-shirt (one of several). 
We'll never look like sisters, but if you talk to us for more than 30 seconds, you will see the similarities. Or rather, you will hear them loud and clear! We laughed so hard, people were looking at us. At one point she wondered aloud why Goodwill hasn't run out of high-waisted stone-washed jeans yet, and I reflected that they never sell, so they just become more and more concentrated in the inventory as all the other styles come and go. She did not find any new jeans.
One thing we certainly have in common, which we inherited from our mother, is the desire to obtain the greatest quantity of clothes for the smallest price. Cat was commenting amazedly on a friend of hers that had spent hundreds buying a week's worth of new clothes. All in all, Cat spent about ten bucks, and she even bought a tank for me.We returned home victorious, and (I'll be honest) feeling slightly superior. There is something so satisfying about saying, "Oh this? I got it for three dollars. Great, isn't it?" And to me the added bonus of being able to show my "greenness" off with style is quite the temptation. At least Cat will always keep me humble. Nothing reminds you not to take yourself seriously like saying, "Isn't This Cool?" and having the other person laugh uproariously as she derides you for you weirdness. Because she loves you.

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  1. I do love you! It was such fun shopping with you, and whenever I have a camera that isn't part of my phone, I will send you lots of pics!