Saturday, June 26

Stuff 'n Nonsense

You guys.
I am having a little bit of a wigged out week. Lots of crazy stuff happening, but the main thing on my mind is work. I'm a hard worker. I like work in general. I spent a year not working and I nearly went crazy. So maybe it would be more specific to say My Job.
My Job is a fine Job. I work for a major retailer, but a really nice one, with actual values all the way up the corporate ladder. This is no Wal-mart. It's boring and pedestrian, but I get to help lots of customers and keep things tidy, both of which I like.

The thing getting to me is The Waste.
There is so much Waste! Cardboard is recycled, but everything else just gets tossed. Paper, plastic, Styrofoam, broken stuff, glass... Every week, I toss another plastic bag of plastic wrappers that freight was wrapped with and I inwardly cringe. So much is just sent off to the landfill! I realise that this is the world we live in, and there's nothing I can do about it. But still.

And right up there with the Waste is the Stuff people buy. I am tempted constantly by all the cute stuff I see. Especially when I am checking and those nice people are all buying the cute stuff, and I think, "I want me some of this cute stuff!" And they swipe that plastic and I suddenly realise that, half the time, they are putting that cute stuff on credit and the illusion comes crashing down. People! You do not need more stuff! You need less debt and more real quality in your lives! And I think about my house and I know, I already have too much stuff!

I value Simplicity! Thrift! Quality things that last! But I have realised really profoundly this week that, not only is my job boring and pedestrian, I am personally contributing to the mountains of Waste in our landfills, the mountains of Debt accruing to keep us chained as a nation, and perhaps worst of all, the Stuff in people's lives.
And I can't even wear my skirts.

Sorry to bum you out, but there it is.

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