Monday, September 6


So I realized this lovely labor-day morning that I have never posted about accessories. This is a travesty, because at least half of my jewelry, belts and scarves come to me second-hand.
But not my shoes. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I have large and freakishly thin feet. Apparently, If there are any other 9 1/2 narrows out there, they like me hoard their shoes and wear them until they are unacceptably ratty and beyond donating to anywhere. For The Other Elisabeth's wedding, I could not find shoes. At all. The dress (which I tried to post on Friday, but was prevented from by Blogger's stupidity. Some other time.) was a perfect shade of purple, and therefore it did not match my black shoes or my leather shoes or my copper shoes or my silver shoes. It didn't even match my Yellow shoes! So At the Last Minute the night before I got a brainwave. While I had momentarily contemplated going to the wedding barefoot, I instead grabbed a pair of lime-green canvas kitten heels from the 'donate' bag. My reasoning went like this: Lots of people dye shoes for weddings. They only match one dress and are generally worn only one time. Then the dyed shoes end up at the thrift store, all turquoise and shiny and barely worn. So if strange color dyed shoes are acceptable at weddings, why not unusual color painted shoes? I therefore proceeded to get out my paint box and carefully apply purple acrylic to those lime green shoes. I even used gradation.They matched perfectly. They were awesome. Awe. Some.
Later, both the little plasticky heels broke off and were lost somewhere, so I used epoxy putty and black paint to give them new heels, and I wore them to church. Still awesome.
However, you do not have to be crafty like me to make good use of old accessories. Belts, scarves, jewlry, all can be given new life.
In fact, my cousin's wedding is coming up, and I have decided to wear my smashing vintage turquoise dress. I was going to look for a new dress, but this one is already perfect. And the fun thing about it is, I can accessorize however I want. Shall I wear a cardigan or a silk wrap? Yellow pearls or Turquoise squash-blossoms? Hair up with a jeweled clip, or down with recycled silk flowers? In fact, I can pack it all and decide the day of if I want to because accessories are small and they all fit together in one little pouch in my suitcase!
All I know for sure is that her colors are blue with yellow, so I can wear my yellow shoes.
What are your favorite recycled accessories?


  1. For the past 5 years I have gotten almost all my purses from Goodwill. I have Italian leather purses in red black and brown that I got from Goodwill.

    The other best buys I have gotten recycled are books. My hardback Joy of Cooking (retail almost $50) I got for a dollar at the library sale. I have at least 50 scripts for plays from library book sales. I have a full set of Agatha Christie, Madeleine L'Engle and Dorothy Sayers, all from used book sales. I choke at buying new books now.

  2. I know, right!
    And let's not get started on record!
    Not today, anyway.